Billy F*#@N Idol! Part 1

by josemedinaphotography

If you could have any musical artist(s) play your birthday who would it be? For what they have meant to me it would have to be Oasis. Well, my friend Michael pondered the same question and came up with Billy Idol. The biggest difference between him and us is that he actually did something about it. Michael got Billy Idol to play his birthday! Yes, you read that right. Friday, October 26th at the Showbox SoDo, Billy Idol is going to play Michael’s birthday. Now I know this blog was meant to be about photography so let me include this little nugget. Yours’ truly will be photographing the show and I still giggle at the thought of photographing it. How the heck did I get myself into this? It all started with Michael and his dream. He knew I was a photographer and believed that I could take great shots of his Billy Idol Aid events so I said yes. I didn’t do it to get paid rather I wanted to be a part of something great, something amazing. Even if Billy didn’t show up at least I was supporting a friend.  The next post will get into more details as far as celebrity endorsements and my involvement plus more photos. Until then enjoy some photographs of the first few BIA shows!